As part of the television series “Maestro” by Christoforos Papakaliatis, the Mikis Theodorakis Symphony Orchestra participated in the filming in Paxos and Corfu in the summer of 2022. Introspectively, the Symphony Orchestra is greeted at the port by Haris Alexiou and Maria Kavogianni, where they are led to the school. There, music teacher Christoforos Papakaliatis starts the necessary rehearsals in order for the Orchestra to participate in the Paxos Music Festival.

Within the series, M.T.S.O. performs “Lucky Star” with Orestis Chalkias, and an orchestral work, in which Dimitris Triantafyllou appears as soloist.

Excerpt from the series with Maria Kavogianni and Christoforos Papakaliatis.

Backstage clip of Christoforos Papakaliatis conducting the symphony orchestra.

Behind the scenes..

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